What is the Best formula for breastfed babies today?


Feeding a newborn can be a tricky topic. Most people understand breastfeeding to be the best way to feed a baby when it is an option. However, some parents must come to terms with the fact that is not always an option that can be used.

There are numerous reasons that infants can not be breastfed. Experts recommend that the best way to feed an infant is via breastmilk. It is normal to consider breastfed babies organic food recipients. However, if mother or infant has health issues that make breast milk not a viable option, there are certain formulas that can provide comparable nutrition and help an infant grow healthy and strong.

Meanwhile, the best formula for breastfed babies is a very subjective discussion. There can be no generic answer to this because it largely depends on the needs of the infant and any allergies, intolerances or other factors that are specifically related to that infant.

Still, the best organic baby formula can provide the same nutrients and health benefits as those received from breastfeeding. Finding the right type of formula helps your infant grow and thrive. Discovering the types of formula and the formats available goes a long way toward successfully feeding your infant the best formula for babies as it applies to your situation.

Types of Formula

  • Concentrated: This typically comes in a bottle that requires refrigeration. The parent must take a specific amount and add water so as to feed the infant the correct balance of nutrients without adding too much water. This typically has the shortest shelf life and must be thrown away within 48-72 hours after opening.
best formula for breastfed babies

Concentrated baby formula

  • Ready to Feed: This comes in small containers that have an individual feeding readily available for the infant. These are typically good for three days to a week and then need to be thrown away rather than fed to the infant.However, it can be appealing to a parent since there is no need to have water boiled or available that is guaranteed safe for infant consumption.It also decreases the need to have clean bottles or other containers. This typically is available in a container that can have a nipple attached to the top and become the feeding tool for an infant.
Best formula for breastfed babies

Ready-to-feed baby formula

  • Powdered: This comes in a plastic container and requires the parent measure out scoops and add water as directed on the package. This can be the easiest to store and transport. It also has the longest shelf life, making it easier to keep extra on hand.


Best formula for breastfed babies

Powered baby formula

Varieties of Formula

There are many special formulas on the market. Each brand may have different types and try to reach babies who have strong stomachs, those who have allergies or other health concerns and any number of factors that can change the formula a baby can eat. However, there are four main groups of formula that can be easily recognized.

  • Standard formulas based on cow’s milk: These are made using proteins from cow’s milk. They are adjusted to make them easier to digest, and most babies have no issue with these type of formulas. They receive nutrients comparable to breast milk.
  • Standard infant formulas based on soy milk: When an infant has trouble digesting cow’s milk proteins, this alternative is considered after the sensitive alternatives are tried.
  • Standard baby formulas based on goat’s milk: This is usually boasted to be the best organic formula for babies. This formula offers another option for babies with lactose intolerance. It also can be purchased in powder form, which has a longer shelf life.  This helps the parents keep a good stock on hand. Your infant may need this option if you have tried other lactose-free options and still see discomfort or digestive issues for your infant. Certain sensitivities may require a change to goat’s milk to provide the right nutrients and help the infant thrive.
  • Specialty formulas designed for specific for specific health concerns and conditions (colic,premature babies, acid reflux ): These type of formulas are created for those babies who have health issues and do not respond well to formulas based on cow’s milk or soy. These alternatives have proteins that are broken down into the simplest form to allow a baby to digest them and grow healthy and strong. These are typically made from cow’s milk, soy or a mixture of the two.

Ask your pediatrician for advice on the best formula to feed your baby. They may have a preference or give you an option they think is best, based on years of experience. However, it is important to remember that you still need to find an option that your baby can digest successfully in order to grow stronger and stay healthy.

Our Shopping Tips

  • Don’t stock up before the birth: Formula has an expiration date. Also, you can not predict how your newborn will react to a certain formula. Therefore, it is not wise to stock up prior to the birth of the child.
  • Use powder if possible: This makes the most sense. You get the greatest amount in the package, and it lasts the longest out of the different forms of formula. Also, it is easy to transport and takes up minimal space, even taking several feedings along at once.
  • Shop at Mass Merchandisers: Typically, you get a better rate when purchasing formula through a company that offers greater quantities. This can be very handy, as feeding an infant for a full year on formula can be expensive. This option is generally available in limited brands, and specialized formulas are typically not available at these retailers.
  • Buy in mass quantities: This is where the Merchandisers above save you the most money. You can also buy in large quantities from online vendors, having the formula delivered to your door. This saves time, money and hassle. As a new parent, all of these are desirable traits.
  • Check the “use by” date:  As mentioned above, there is an expiration date on the formula. Therefore, you cannot be too careful when checking to make sure the formula is still good and able to be consumed by your infant. An expired formula has the potential to make the baby sick.

Top 5 Best Formulas for breastfed babies:

1. Similac Advance Non-GMO Infant Formula – Best Non-GMO Formula

Best formula for breastfed babies

Similac Advance is a formula that boasts it is non-GMO, or it avoids any ingredients that have been genetically modified. As a result, the baby has an easier time digesting the formula and using the nutrients to grow stronger. This also helps the baby avoid fussiness and more gas than is normal for an infant being fed the best formula for babies.

One benefit of this formula noted by consumers is the comfort it provides the baby consuming it. The way the container is made to hold a scoop in the lid is something consumers seem to appreciate greatly. Meanwhile, issues include a problem with the inner foil on the product being difficult to remove.

Also, the general smell of formula is noted as an issue (not specific to this type of formula). Give it a shot today. This formula can be the answer to your concerns and any issues your infant is dealing with on a regular basis.

2. Gerber Good Start Gentle, Non-GMO Powder Infant Formula – Best for Sensitive Babies

Best formula for breastfed babies

Gerber Good Start Gentle is a great option for an infant who has shown signs of lactose intolerance. This formula includes iron and is said to be gentle on the infant’s stomach, compared to regular cow’s milk protein-based varieties.

Consumers have shared their satisfaction that the primary ingredient in this formula is not corn syrup, compared to Similac and Enfamil. Meanwhile, the formula has been very good for babies with sensitive stomachs, ending bowel movements that could not be contained by the diaper and general discomfort for very sensitive infants. .

Even better, you can buy in large quantities and set up a regular delivery of this formula. This ensures the safe feeding of your infant and allows you to focus on other things, like taking pictures and helping baby reach new milestones.

3. Enfamil Enspire Powdered Baby Formula Tub – Best Formula Closest to Breast Milk

Best formula for breastfed babies

Some women intend to breastfeed and are not able to do so, for various reasons. If this is a situation you can relate to, then Enfamil Enspire may be the preferred organic formula for your infant.

This formula is very close in nutrient composition to what infants receive via breastfeeding.

Certain consumers mention the ability to feed an infant breast milk and formula without causing any discomfort, as can sometimes be the case. Meanwhile, this formula is credited by parents with helping their baby thrive, decreasing spit up and helping with gas discomfort. Parents who think this may be the answer for their infant should click below. Your infant will thank you.

Consider setting up a monthly delivery to your door of enough formula to feed your baby for four weeks. This means more focus can be on quality time with your growing child and less on purchasing and finding formula when you run out unexpectedly.

4. Baby’s Only Dairy DHA/ARA Toddler Formula – BEST, TOXIN FREE formula for your baby

Best formula for breastfed babies

For a toddler, age 1 to 3, this formula is the best option. This is because it offers essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. These are not found in cow’s or goat’s milk. Meanwhile, they are formulated to be easily digested and promote better health.

The formula is processed free of hexane, which can have negative effects on a toddler, and it is labeled USDA organic. This provides some comfort to families that prefer their children eat organic and avoid any preservatives and added chemicals that can have a negative impact on the consumer.

When fed to a toddler, this formula was found to help with colic and avoid health issues. Usually, it was paired with probiotics and/or breastfeeding, which provides the baby all the benefits of healthy foods and none of the drawbacks of formula.

Order in large quantities or set up a subscription from an online vendor like the one below. That can mean less strain on your busy days, when schedules can be challenging to stick with successfully.

5. Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula with Iron – Best organic Baby Formula

Formulas can boast they provide comparable vitamins, minerals and fatty acids to breast milk, which are all very important to the nutrition of the infant. However, this formula also has a whey/casein level comparable to mother’s breast milk. This means it is easier to digest and allows the infant minimal discomfort and little to no negative effects of colic.

best formula for breastfed babies

This formula also boasts having twice the levels of DHA found in other formulas, which means nothing but good things for the brain growth of an infant. This formula is also Kosher and USDA certified organic. This means Jewish babies can be fed this formula and all babies have the comfort of knowing there are no preservatives or chemicals involved in the production of this formula.

Purchasing this in a four-pack means you can feed your infant for a month. Even better, the link below offers the option of a subscription, which means you can arrange to have the formula delivered monthly. Being a parent means forgetting some things until you are comfortable. Running out of formula is not an option. This helps you keep feeding your infant without issues.

Being a parent means forgetting some things until you are comfortable. Running out of formula is not an option. This helps you keep feeding your infant without issues.

Choosing best formula for breastfed babies with love

Remember, finding the best  formula for your breastfed babies does not mean it will be the best option for your baby. Consider the various options. Allow the baby to have the final say. Infants who have issues like reflux, colic or general discomfort due to gas will be the ones who show you if a specific formula is going to work for them or not.

Do not give up in frustration when the first or second formula is not working out. There is a variety out there just to make sure your infant can eat and be happy. Compare the different available options that can offer an organic alternative to breast milk. These various options can be the right solution for supplementing or simply feeding your infant formula while providing all the comparable nutrients to a mother’s breast milk.

These various options can be the right solution for supplementing or simply feeding your infant formula while providing all the comparable nutrients to a mother’s breast milk.

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