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Welcome to Mumtip.com the best guides,advice and resource website for parents.

I am Tommy Wang – Admin of Mumtip.com .

Mumtip.com was founded in February 2016 with a very simple vision:

+ To become a trusted resource where parents can come and learn experiences from our experts.
+ To provide the best, most reliable and easy to understand advices , tips and reviews for parents.

Mumtip.com is run by a small group of journalists, who want to create a top-notch online home for mums, mums-to-be and anyone who is trying to start a family – as well as dads , grandparents and carers.

We reckon our site’s got the best, and most honest, advice – from experts and from moms who’ve been there – on pregnancy, birth, babies, toddlers

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Together, we can make an impact by sharing, learning from others, and ultimately get to something bigger.

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